As Unitarian Universalists, we put our words into action.  By recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, we work together to find common-sense solutions.  We create just, welcoming, and inclusive congregations that celebrate what we have in common, rather that concentrating on our differences.

Our priorities are economic justice, environmental justice, LGBQT justice, racial justice, reproductive justice, and voting rights.  Want to get involved?  Stop by and talk to us!  We are stronger together.  Come together with us.


    2013 - Started selling Fair Trade products

    2013 - Became a Welcoming Congregation to LGBQT and anyone feeling marginalized by society

    2013 - Began periodic donations to Genesis House Inc., which provides assistance to victims of domestic and sexual abuse

    2015 - Participated in Combating Intolerance rally at Tennessee Tech University

    2015 - Participated in Reproductive Justice Celebration, 41st anniversary of Roe v Wade

    2016 - Participated in Black Lives Matter rally at Tennessee Tech University

    2016 - Participated in Upper Cumberland Pride Festival

    2016 - Contributed funds to Flint, Michigan Water Crisis fund raiser

    2016 - Contributed funds, cards, and letters to local and national branches of Gay-Straight Alliance

    2016 - Contributed funds to a Unitarian Universalist Tullahoma church for constructing handicap-accessible bathrooms

    2016 - Became a venue for speakers for the Affordable Care Act

    2017 - Participated in Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observance with NAACP

    2017 - Participated in MLK Rally for Social and Economic Justice

    2017 - Participated in Women's March on Nashville

    2017 - Contributed funds to a UU Church in Richmond, VA to develop a  Pledge to End Racism training program

    2017 - Participated in Occupy Cookeville protest to support human rights, reproductive rights, and the inherent worth of all people 

    2017 - Sponsored Transgender Clothing Swap

    2017 - Participated in IMPACT celebration of Juneteenth

    2017 - Participated in NAACP vigil for Charlottesville

    Ongoing - Selling Fair Trade products (coffee, tea, and chocolate)

    Ongoing - Providing a venue for the Cookeville Community Folk Orchestra to practice

    Ongoing - Participating in Upper Cumberland Pride

    Ongoing - Donating to food pantry at Tennessee Tech University

    Ongoing - Providing a venue for movie nights with Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) from TTU

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