We, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cookeville family, establish this covenant, rooted in our shared values, to ensure those values are upheld. These are the promises we make to each other regarding how we are to be when we are together.

I value Community, therefore I promise to

              use criticism rarely, constructively and kindly

              maintain teamwork and cooperation be engaged with others in a positive way

              be respectful and empathetic of each other even in disagreement

              support the church with my time as I am able

              take responsibility for advancing the goals of the community

              share the uplifting message of our Congregation

              provide a spiritually nurturing environment

              focus on the intent of our actions and less on rigid rule enforcement

              not tolerate destructive or dangerous behavior


I value Diversity, therefore I promise to

              be welcoming and inclusive

              be open to the ideas of others

              treat everyone with compassion, tolerance and respect

              be sensitive and caring toward others

              be respectful and empathetic of the differing beliefs of others

              support individuality

              let others do things differently


I value a Hopeful Outlook, therefore I promise to

             share joy with others

             maintain an uplifting atmosphere with fun, love and laughter

             represent the Congregation in a positive light

             address sorrows with sensitivity and caring


I value Honesty, Compassion, Respect and Courage, therefore I promise to

            listen carefully and thoughtfully to others

            speak directly, truthfully and respectfully to others when in disagreement

           delay judgment of situations and people that annoy me

           revise this covenant when it no longer supports our shared values

           call each other back to covenant when we stray from our promises.

 These values we carry in our hearts.


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